To translate the mission/vision into actions one requires specific objectives, which could be measurable. Zaman Foundation, bearing this in mind, has translated its mission/vision into some specific objectives as follows.

1. To reduce poverty in both rural and urban areas.
2. To prevent and control STI/HIV/AIDS among the high-risk groups.
3. To combat trafficking in women and children.
4. To promote and restore human rights of distressed women and children.
5. To provide financial assistance for marriages of needy/poor women.
6. To provide literacy and non-formal education.
7. To ensure better health of child and mother.
8. To prevent and control drug addiction among youths.
9. To conduct research for identification of problems and determine appropriate actions.
10. To establish network for strengthening programs.
11. To provide emergency relief during natural disasters.
12. To protect environment and conserve bio-diversity.
13. To impart life skill development training.
14. To work for development of human resources, promotion of social and economic well being of the masses, improvement of social status, social mobilizaion for prosperous society and elimination of gender discrimination particularly in the rural areas of pakistan.
15. To aid, assist, setup, maintain administer and run hospitals, nursing homes, mother and child care centre’s , clinics, dispensaries, immunization and vaccination centers and places of medical aid, convalescent homes, family planning centres, X-ray clinics, radio therapy centers, pathological and clinical laboratories, blood banks, eye banks or other centers connected with the care of the human body, both in urban and rural areas.
16. To establish, maintain, run manage and administer aid programs providing relief and help to the needy, the poor and the destitute, undertake charitable and philanthropic activities for benefit of the manking and works for alleviation of human sufferings from catastrophes.